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AAI (Aerial Agricultural Intelligence)

by Linda Neuer Suddenly in fields, summer ripe, plants stand and fall at night. Pressed on the ground by breathless winds forming single circles and intricate fractals. Patterns woven in wheat, rice, and corn by forces that bend, not break, the stalks, heating their nodes to lengthen, leaving the seed heads unharmed. Even after harvest, on the living canvas, shadows of the shapes remain. With origins known and unknown, their designs echo across the globe to make us observe from above, their forms on the fertile earth.

Linda Neuer is from Miami, Florida. Recently, some of Linda's poems have been published in NewMyths, Utopia SF, BFS Horizons, Space & Time, Allegro Poetry Magazine, Jupiter, Abyss & Apex, Quantum Poetry Magazine, Sangam, Lily, and Astropoetica.

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