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until April 2nd

The Sprawl Mag is accepting submissions of speculative poetry, short fiction, and visual art for Volume 1.2. Whether it is utopic, dystopic, magical, or sci-fi, we look forward to seeing your work. We pay contributors $20 CAD per published piece.

We encourage submissions from QTBIPOC, women, nonbinary, queer, and disabled writers.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your piece is picked up elsewhere so we can congratulate you! :)

We do not accept work that has been previously published.

Please include a brief, third-person, 100-word biography with your submission.

Please title your documents: firstnamelastname_genre (eg. andrenorton_shortfic)

- Poetry submissions should be in a legible, size 12-14pt font (eg. Times New Roman)

- Poetry submissions should not exceed 40 lines per piece

- Poetry submissions may contain 1-4 poems

- Please submit your work as a DOC, DOCX, or ODT file


Please submit all work to

Please, for the love of Mars, only send us work that is speculative (sci-fi & fantasy).

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